• When art is downloaded and printed without compensation to the artist, it significantly impacts the artist's ability to make a living as a creator.

    We can try, but we can't stop anyone from doing this if they really wanted to.

    It's important to really think about what this means - if it becomes a normal practice for everyone, artists won't be able to afford to continue creating art.

    Please know I fully support printing artwork via whatever means work best for you. I want to help ensure my art looks as best as it can in your home.

    Digital Downloads are only $3, are sent instantly via email , and include high quality files of the artwork in five different aspect ratios (including one for device backgrounds).

    I also include a printing guide so that you can use the best Aspect Ratio for your desired size which you can order online or via your desired local printer.

    Supporting my art can be as simple as purchasing a digital download. It's an easy yet meaningful way to contribute to my business!

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The Ruins at Sunset

The Ruins at Sunset

There’s a tale that has long lingered in the corners of my mind, of a magical tower that stood tall in an era forgotten. “The Ruins at Sunset” is my attempt to breathe life into that whispered legend, to capture the ethereal beauty of a time gone by and a power yet untapped.

The setting sun was my muse. It painted the sky in hues of gold and amber, casting long shadows that danced across the ancient bricks and stones of the ruins. But as the sun approached the horizon, the scenery began to transform. The golden hour gave way to a mystic twilight, where pale pinks and deep purples intertwined, hinting at the arcane energies that once surged within the tower’s walls.

I wanted the viewer to feel the juxtaposition between the calm serenity of a setting sun and the underlying tension of a dormant power. Every brushstroke, every blend of color, was a deliberate choice to evoke that sense of wonder and foreboding.

The tower itself stands as a monument to the forgotten. Though battered by time, it retains an undeniable majesty. Its once-grand spires, now mere fragments, reach out as if to touch the heavens one last time. But amidst its silent decay, there’s a palpable presence. The subtle purples and pale pinks that weave through the ruins suggest a slumbering force, an arcane energy that waits for the right moment, the right adventurer, to awaken once more.

With “The Ruins at Sunset,” I beckon you, dear viewer, to lose yourself in this world of enchantment and danger, to question the stories that lie hidden within the crevices of the old stones, and to wonder about the magic that might still reside there, biding its time.

Order Options:

Digital Download - Instant gratification! Have the file available to you at checkout in 5 different aspect ratios!

Pearl Linen Postcard - This 3.5"x5" postcard is printed on linen, creating a almost canvas appearance. Between the linen weaves are pearlescent clusters, which increase the contrast of the art.

Holographic Poster - Printed on 8.5"x11" heavy duty card stock, these posters are dipped in holographic foil prior to printing. This enhances all of the darker tones in each painting (especially the line art), bringing subtle shards of iridescent colors when hit with direct light.

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