The Story Behind Art of Charles Michael

About the Artist

My Journey

I’m only a few months deep into living my dream full-time, but really, art has been my lifelong companion. From wielding crayons at five to mastering the palette knife today, every chapter of my life has been a stroke on the canvas of my artist’s journey. It began with the pixel worlds of my NES at three and evolved into a constant exploration of self-expression through colors and lines.

Education and Early Career

Guided not by choice, I ventured into a liberal arts education, a detour that eventually led me back to my true calling. In the midst of my junior year, I embraced my passion fully, choosing studio art as my focus and graduating with a vision to meld creativity with career. Moving from the bustling streets of New York City to the serene sunsets of Florida, I honed my business savvy and artistic skills amidst the whispers of brushstrokes within an art gallery’s walls.

Trials and Transformation

My art was my haven until I grappled with the silent battles against undiagnosed Autism, ADHD, and clinical depression. For six years, my canvas lay bare as my life spiraled. It was in this hardship that transformation began. As I sought healing, the drive and joy in creation tentatively returned.

Full-Time Dedication

The sudden loss of my mother was the catalyst for change. In the wake of grief and an uncaring workplace, I chose life—my art’s life. Selling my house, settling debts, and moving in with my dad, I embraced the all-in gamble to be a full-time artist.


Collaborative Impressionism

My craft has since blossomed into a unique style I call “Collaborative Impressionism,” a harmonious blend of traditional impressionism and the bold flair of comic book art, augmented by the intelligence of modern technology. It’s here, in this dance of contrasts, that my art truly comes to life.

Artistic Offerings

My work is available in two distinct styles: pearlescent postcards shimmering with metallic-woven linen and posters on cardstock dipped in holographic foil for a touch of the fantastical.

The Originals

Striving to transcend the digital realm, I’ve developed a method to reverse engineer my originals, ensuring each piece remains one-of-a-kind. Layering impasto paste for texture, applying mica powder for luster, and finishing with high gloss varnish and diamond dust, these originals are crafted to stand alone in both technique and impact.

Exclusive Collections

Originality is key; thus, each piece is exclusive not only in creation but in size. With six distinct dimensions to choose from, each artwork is as unique as the moments they capture.

Giving Back

Art is a powerful communicator, a tool for change. I’m committed to making a difference beyond the canvas, dedicating a portion of my earnings every quarter to The Trevor Project, protecting and providing safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ youth.

I take great pride in my unique approach to art and am thrilled to share my creations with the art community. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my process and shop!

Thank you for being a part of my journey! When you choose to purchase my art, you're not only supporting my dream, but you're also making a difference for the LGBTQIA+ youth. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of self-expression and the power of art to change lives.