I find it incredibly important to help everyone, especially individuals whose lives who are abnormally unfair. 

I was fortunate to have parents who raised me and never gave up on me. I had the cards stacked against me- I'm a Neruodivergent Queer Pagan Artist. That isn't necessarily the easiest combo, especially when raised by a Conservative Roman Catholic family in the heart of the most Republican borough of New York City. In most Staten Island homes, that's a recipe for a homeless teen. 

But my parents were not those people, thankfully! They kept pushing to learn and grow and support me, as all parents should. Which brings me to my philanthropy of choice, which I will be donating a portion of my net earnings every quarter.

The Trevor Project Logo

If you are unfamiliar, The Trevor Project is committed to research, crisis service, identity education, and safe networking for the LGBTQIA+ Community around the world. It only feels right to choose The Trevor Project, as I'm sure there are others like me who were not as fortunate to have unconditional love in their home.