• When art is downloaded and printed without compensation to the artist, it significantly impacts the artist's ability to make a living as a creator.

    We can try, but we can't stop anyone from doing this if they really wanted to.

    It's important to really think about what this means - if it becomes a normal practice for everyone, artists won't be able to afford to continue creating art.

    Please know I fully support printing artwork via whatever means work best for you. I want to help ensure my art looks as best as it can in your home.

    Digital Downloads are only $3, are sent instantly via email , and include high quality files of the artwork in five different aspect ratios (including one for device backgrounds).

    I also include a printing guide so that you can use the best Aspect Ratio for your desired size which you can order online or via your desired local printer.

    Supporting my art can be as simple as purchasing a digital download. It's an easy yet meaningful way to contribute to my business!

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The Dragon Archer

The Dragon Archer

In “The Dragon Archer,” I sought to fuse the ethereal grace of the Faye realm with the commanding presence of dragons, creatures I hold in immense admiration. Like you, I’ve always been captivated by dragons, by their intricate dance of might and intellect, and by the myriad human-like flaws that their nature bestows upon them.

The dragon in this piece is not merely a creature of fire and fury; it embodies the finesse and precision of an archer, its large wings outstretched in flight, its form poised with an arrow nocked and ready to release. However, with dragons, things are never just black or white. Their intentions, as vast and deep as the oceans, remain an enigma. The look in its eye, the tilt of its head, leaves one guessing – is this hunt driven by necessity, or is it a whimsical chase, a game of the skies?

The color palette, a soothing amalgamation of pastel and neon blues, juxtaposed against vibrant purples, is my invitation to you. It beckons you to step into this Faye-touched world, a dreamscape where the weight of reality fades, replaced by the gentle embrace of fantasy. The contrast, or rather the lack thereof, between this world and ours is intentional. It serves as a buffer, a cushion against the often harsh tones of our reality.

Through “The Dragon Archer,” I aim to transport viewers to a realm where magic isn’t just a concept but the very fabric of existence, where the archer’s bowstring resonates with a song of wonder, and where every dragon’s flight tells a tale waiting to be deciphered.

Order Options:

Digital Download - Instant gratification! Have the file available to you at checkout in 5 different aspect ratios!

Pearl Linen Postcard - This 3.5"x5" postcard is printed on linen, creating a almost canvas appearance. Between the linen weaves are pearlescent clusters, which increase the contrast of the art.

Holographic Poster - Printed on 8.5"x11" heavy duty card stock, these posters are dipped in holographic foil prior to printing. This enhances all of the darker tones in each painting (especially the line art), bringing subtle shards of iridescent colors when hit with direct light.

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